When submitting your artwork please try and adhere to the following guidelines

Always ask first about what file format to send digital files in. This will save time and we always advise on what is the best way to present work. We use Mac based graphics software that supports all the usual graphics applications including Corel Draw, Illustrator, Photoshop and Adobe Indesign. There are sometimes problems with files saved in Office applications such as PowerPoint etc., always inquire first, there is always a solution at hand.

Always provide as much information as you can with the artwork. Let us know the size the image has to print. If you do not have a pantone colour number for your jobs please provide some colour reference we can colour match to. (A printed letter head or similar is often enough.)

Artwork can also be supplied as a hard copy in A4 size for scanning if you do not have access to computers. Always ensure that the hard copy you send us is of good sharp quality. Again, a quick call to us will help you be certain that what you are supplying is perfectly suitable to work from.

If you do not have artwork as such but would like us to create something around your logo or come up with a specific design for you, please let us know. There is only a small charge for simple text and layout services, we will fax or e-mail the design for you to approve or make any changes. This is all part of the service.

We accept digital artwork on CD or by e-mail, simply send to sales@transformer-t-shirts.com. Alternatively you can upload a single file using the form provided in the contact section of this site, please note multiple files must be sent by email only.

Here are some very basic guidelines to follow when submitting digital artwork (For people familiar with design applications). If none of this means anything to you as you are not a designer, do not worry, just contact us and we can advise the best way to send your design.

If using Vector art applications such as Correl draw, Illustrator or freehand. Ensure first that the fonts have been converted to outlines. This means that you do not have to supply the fonts used with the file. If this is not done the fonts must be sent with the files.Secondly please do not save the files in RGB or CMYK (unless it is a 4 col. process print) Your artwork will always (unless specified as previous) be printed using spot colours. Please set up the colours as spot pantone specified colours in your documents. Save your files as .eps files. If you have the option of saving as a Mac .eps please try and do this also.

If using Page layout applications please always supply the fonts. Again if possible save as a Mac compatible file if you have the option. Ensure all image files are supplied and as above instructions if vector image files.

Photoshop and other image editing software. Files can be saved as .tif / .eps / .jpeg / .bmp (other please ask) Please ensure that the resolution of these files is no less than 200 pixels / inch at actual intended print size. Artwork often sent as 72 pixels / inch at actual size is NOT suitable for reproduction and is only suitable for the web or on screen viewing purposes.

If you need a quote or are unsure in anyway about the artwork being compatible just send us the file and we will let you know.

If you would simply like a quote, or have any other query please contact us..