We have put together some of the most frequently asked questions below. If you cannot find what you are looking for here please contact us.

What are the minimum orders?
The minimum order considered by ourselves for 'Screen Printing' is 50 t-shirts per design. For full colour image screen printing, the minumum order starts at 100. Screen printed orders of 20+ may sometimes be considered on sight of the actual artwork and job spec.
Please note of course that Companies may order sample prints prior to the print run see No 5

Can I supply my own garments or panels?
Please note that only VAT registered Companies can supply their own stock to us for screen printing. The minumum spend for Companies supplying stock for screen print is £200.00 pre VAT.

Can I have the job bagged, labelled and tagged?
Yes orders over 100 - prices given will be according to specific requirements that you give us. Note that you must supply any woven labels or tags to us.

I don't know if you can print on the type of fabric I have, can you test print it for me?
Yes we can. We offer this service free of charge!

Can we see a sample first?
Samples are subject to the set up costs plus cost of garment and print charges. Samples on small orders under 50 are not offered.

How will you despatch my order to me?
We will send them by courier 'at cost' in inner London, or by national carrier if elsewhere in the UK or Europe. Always supply your Post Code when asking for a quote so we can give you the most cost effective delivery charge.

 have lost our original artwork, can you recreate it for me from this visual?
We can usually do this for you, at worst we can create something very close to the original. Please note that artwork services are not free of charge and taken into consideration of the job as a whole.

How can I send you my artwork?
See full details in the artwork section of this site for any design queries

If you would simply like a quote, go to the contact section of this site