The information below is for screen print customers ordering from 50+ (our min order per design). Orders of 20+ (single colour printing) are available in the special offers section only. For any other small order under 50 not described in the offers section please enquire. (It may be possible in some cicumstances subject to artwork consideration)

All screen printing prices are quoted individually, and are based on the specific needs of the customer as influenced by all the factors listed below. For any further inquiries regarding services or for specific inquiries and quotes on quantities, colours, garments, or other, please please fill in the form in the contact section of this site.

IMPORTANT: Unless you are used to print buying and understand screen printing and the various costs and processes involved you are advised simply to ask us for a quote, see our contact section. Note that this price list cannot cover all speciality inks, processes or applications. Quotes should be obtained by contacting us directly.


The number of colours used in any design
The more colours used the more expensive the job. Some of the best selling designs use only one colour, always worth bearing in mind!

The more individual prints you have on a garment
For example it is cheaper to print just one design on the front, than it is to print additional designs to the back and both sleeves.

The quantity of garments that you print in one batch
The more garments or pieces that you print, the price for printing and the garments goes down considerably.

The type of garment you choose
Generally the better the quality the higher the unit cost, that makes sense. Ask if you are not sure what you need. Sometimes what seems inexpensive is rather good quality, we choose the best suppliers after all, just ask us and we can advise you.

Artwork that needs a lot of re working or designed from concept
If your artwork is correctly presented then there will be no charge at all. If it is just a matter of tidying it up a bit, or adding text or a graphic here or there, there will be a small charge. Artwork is charged on a per job basis, quotation on request.
For larger more involved artwork projects from concept, we know very well qualified screen print designers who we have worked with for many years who we can put you in touch with. For more information on how to present your artwork see the artwork section of this site.

These are the main points we advise you to consider when planning your printing requirements.